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About Michael

Since first watching the great Derren Brown as a teenager, Michael has always been fascinated by the world of hypnotism and the immense capabilities of the mind. A skepticism for hypnosis did however linger in Michael’s mind until age 17 when he was in the audience of a popular hypnosis television show, here for the first time Michael was completely blown away when he was asked to imagine a balloon tied to his wrist, before he knew it his arm had floated right up above his head. Amongst other unusual things which happened that night If Michael needed anything to convince him that hypnosis was real, that was certainly it.

Michael’s fascination grew immensely from the experience and he just had to learn how to do it for himself. He attended a one day course on rapid induction hypnosis and throughout the rest of his time at sixth form, Michael would frequently be using all sorts of techniques in the school common room to impress his friends.

Upon leaving school came the decision to either continue his plans to train as a commercial pilot or to continue his exploration of the fascinating world of hypnosis. Since you’re reading this on a hypnotherapy website I assume the choice made is somewhat obvious. Michael went on to study and become a certified hypnotherapist with “The Hypnotherapy Training Company (HypnoTC)”, this also led Michael to being the first person under 21 to hold this qualification after special arrangements where made to waive the minimum age and accommodate his desire to study the subject.

Michael now appreciates the joy of being able to change the lives of real people from those with a crippling flying phobia to those who suffer insomnia due to stress, with the occasional weight loss and stop smoking session!

In his spare time

Away from the world of hypnosis Michael enjoys doing many things. One of his proudest passions is definitely his interest in aircraft, flying solo as Pilot in Command just after turning 17 before he had even learned to drive a car is certainly an achievement Michael isn’t shy about. He now occasionally flies over the British airspace and in flight simulators!

To keep fit Michael isn’t shy of the water, swimming in both pool and open water several times a week. Michael also holds an open water scuba diver qualification and enjoys Kayaking when visiting Vendee, France (Oui, il peut parler en francais aussi! / Yes he can also speak French!) and desires soon to spend some time in Cornwall learning to surf.

Aside from that Michael enjoys the occasional frame of snooker, although with a highest break of 13 he doesn’t quite consider himself much of a Ronnie O Sullivan.

Michael graduating as a hypnotherapist

Flying the ask-21 glider

Preparing to give a talk on hypnosis and the power of the subconscious

Watching a prime time hypnosis TV show!